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This song is quickly inserting itself into my unconscious.  I’ve had dreams about waterloo sunsets, dirty old rivers and Ray Davies.  This is definitely my favorite Kinks song, but honestly it doesn’t get much better than The Kinks.  It’s sad to know there will never be another band comparable to The Kinks. I guess that just makes them all the more sexy for me.  The Kinks are way under appreciated in that nobody talks about them, part of me wants to say that nobody even knows about them, I know my friends don’t.  I didn’t even know anything about them until Weird Al ingeniously parodized “Lola” into “Yoda”.  I was about eight or nine when i first heard it, when I thought all of Weird Al’s songs were the original and everyone was parodizing him. By the way I know parodize isn’t a real word.  It sounds like it is though, doesn’t it?  I bet you didn’t have the slightest clue until i brought it up.  Anyway, but even then I didn’t get into them until about four months ago. Four months later I am still not tired of this song and I don’t think I ever will be.  This song will turn a bad day into the best day ever.  Part of me wishes that I haven’t ever heard this song, just so I could hear it again for the first time.  The first time I did hear this song I didn’t even know what had happened.  All I knew is that this wasn’t just another song.  This was a masterful concoction of harmonies and one of the catchiest riffs i’ve ever heard.  If this is your first time ever hearing this song, I feel sorry for you, but i am also extremely envious. I didn’t really think i would fart out these many words about The Kinks, but what can i say, they really got me now.