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This is Beck in all his Beckness? I don’t know what you really call it but he sure is a weirdo.  I never knew Beck was this interesting, interesting like “What the shit? There’s actually people like this? Nobody is really like this!” But apparently there are people like this, and let me just say that I am unfortunately not one of them.  It’s strange, I actually want to be like this.  He doesn’t give two shits ‘bout ‘nuthin.  Thurston Moore asks him his name and he just throws a shoe!  That’s either pure genius or pure stupidity.  Either way it’s the most awesome thing I have ever seen.  And the high five at the end, man i’ve always wanted to muff a high five like that.  Next time someone high fives me i am totally muffing it.  I knew Beck was probably some kind of stoner but honestly what is this?  Is this what the 90’s were? Is this what MTV was? Did this really air on national television?  Oh, i have so many questions.