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State of the Blog

This is my blog.  It’s called Dusty Turnstile. I don’t know why it is called that, I just made it up.  There’s no real rhyme or reason for the name.  I might change it some day.  Call it stupid, but i’ve always just liked the word turnstile.  If I ever get a band together i would most definitely consider naming it The Turnstiles.  It just has that old timey feel that i dig.  Dusty is my dead dogs name.  It’s also my porn name.  Dusty Gallagher, the quickest **** in the west. And that my friends is the first of two sexual obscenities in this post.  I don’t know what either of them mean, and i guess i don’t really want to…i guess.  It’s not like a quick **** is even a good attribute, I don’t know, I don’t get it.  So if you hate sexual references you should stop reading this post NOW.  Did you stop? Of course you didn’t, cause you love blogs!  I’m not sure what the point of blogs are and i do not understand how people actually make a living blogging about things nobody cares about.  It’s quite silly.  Everything seems to be these days.  Blogs shmogs, i’m really only doing this so that i have one more website i can go to while sitting alone at school, at home, in the library, at the gym, in the strip club.  (I feel a second sexual obscenity comin on) That’s right i go to strip clubs now, it’s what i do, it’s a hobby i have taken a liking to and i am stickin wit it.  Judge me all you want, i’m the only nineteen year old you know who puts that pussy on his sideburns. (I warned you) Sorry, that’s the grossest thing i’ve ever written.  It doesn’t even make sense, i heard it in a rap song.  Moving on, there’s only three websites i ever go to, well, i guess only two if you don’t include facebook and youtube. Alright maybe there’s three.  Actually it’s probably more like four… yeah it’s four.  I also feel like i need a place to express things.  That might sound gay to you, but when you live at home and go to a school that’s ten minutes away while your friends are off living below the influence and meeting people and you’re unemployed and all you really have is a video game console, TV and computer to entertain you “sigh” you might understand where i’m coming from.  And if you don’t than your just a faggot, alright? Okay, great.  Anywhoisits, yeah, I need to express.  So there’s gonna be some expressin round these parts.  I might tell stories of my past, share important information, tell some jokes, put up some cool videos, share my taste in music, share my opinion on pop culture.  Oh that’s another thing, opinions.  I have opinions, I know most people just peg me for a kid that doesn’t really care that much, but I swear, deep deep down there there is a cabinet of opinions just waiting to be opened.  I feel that this is the key to the lock.  This blog will also help me become a better writer, i am hoping.  Well, it at least gives me some practice.  Since “journalism” is my chosen major-subject to change-I might as well start writing stuff. Ahhh, i’m not even a good writer!  God, what am I doing? This is just embarrassing.  I get 98% on a story, not even a paper, just a stupid story, and all of a sudden i think i’m John Mutherflipin Steinbeck.  Life is hard.  But maybe you can make mine a little easier.  If you like me and think i have interesting things to say then i hope you enjoy my blog.  If you don’t like me, then you probably just don’t know me. Yikes, that is an arrogant thing to say.  What if i was really like that?  Maybe I am.  We’ll find out.  Too bad this is probably my last post.  I’ve thoroughly embarrassed myself by writing this, and you’re probably embarrassed for reading this whole thing.  If you even read it all.  I don’t even know who you are.  No one i’m hoping.  I hope no one reads this.  This is a stupid post.  I’m bad at blogging.  Alright, i’m gonna go, this is getting weird.  I love you.